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If Russia wants to act like its 1968, we should respond like its 2014: individual financial sanctions on Russian elite, starting at the top.

Если Россия хочет действовать как в 1968 году, мы должны ответить как в 2014: индивидуальные финансовые санкции русской элиты, начиная сверху.

  • Anne Elizabeth Applebaum (born July 25, 1964) is an Polish American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who has written extensively about communism and the development of civil society in Central and Eastern Europe. She has been an editor at The Economist, and a member of the editorial board of The Washington Post (2002–2006) and Slate Magazine. She is married to Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski.

Tags: Быдло у власти, Война, Россия, США, Украина, преступность, русофобия, шизофреники на прогулке

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