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Сноуден раскрыл самую главную тайну США

The best part to all this, to me, is the sourcing. Fars News takes us through a veritable hall-of-mirrors of sources "confirming" their scoop. The progenitor of it all, of course, is ostensibly NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who has waited until now to reveal that the real reason for all those NSA programs is aliens. As best I can tell, Fars claims that Snowden gave this information to Russia's Federal Security Service  (FSB). They also say it was independently confirmed by former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer. (Hellyer, who is 90, does indeed argue that aliens have visited Earth many times, though I haven't seen him comment on this particular story.) The FSB, they say, put all this information down in a secret report, which was inexplicably obtained by the ultra-fringe conspiracy theory Web site,

Так чтобы покороче: Иранское новостное агентство Fars News сообщило, что документы обнародованные Сноуденом, свидетельствуют, что с 1945 года США руководит "теневое правительство" инопланетян. Правительство находится в Неваде, до 1945 года оно руководило нацистской Германией.

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