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Работа с письмами трудящихся

Я редко пишу письма нанятым мною и другими гражданами страны менеджерам. И всегда получаю ответ. Да и как же иначе?
Некоторое время назад я наябедничал на Путина своему сенатору, Марко Рубио.  Сегодня ответ:

Dear Mr. Ostromogilsky,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me to express your concerns regarding the United States' policy toward Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Russia's efforts to stir unrest in eastern Ukraine are tantamount to violations of Ukraine's sovereignty. Assertions from Moscow that Russia is not involved hold little credibility, particularly in the wake of its unlawful annexation of Crimea. Armed takeovers of foreign territory by masked men are the crude tactics of bygone regional powers, not the actions of 21st century nations. Until Russia is convinced there is a real cost to its current course of action, I fear that Ukraine's stability will continue to be undermined. For this reason, I have joined with my Senate Republican colleagues in the introduction of the Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014 (S.2277). This bill provides a strategic U.S. response to deter Russian aggression in Europe, which threatens regional security and prosperity critical to maintaining economic growth in the United States. S. 2277 would allow the U.S. to strengthen the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), deter Russian aggression with new sanctions and strengthen our non-NATO allies.

        In addition to supporting S.2277, I have been vocal about the establishment of a Ukrainian currency board, an institutional arrangement which would anchor the value of national money to a more stable currency. A currency board would help Ukraine's money become as reliable and stable as the world's dominant reserve currencies. The effects would ripple throughout the economy: foreign investors could have confidence that the Ukrainian currency is not in a death spiral and Ukrainians would know that Mr. Putin cannot annihilate the value of their personal savings. This stability would encourage Ukraine to maintain its faith in free people and free markets. I recently wrote an op-ed, which appeared in The Wall Street Journal you can read here.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, I will keep your thoughts in mind as we continue to consider our nation's policies toward Russia's recent actions. I look forward to addressing the concerns of the people of Florida, and I will continue to work to ensure the United States remains a safe and prosperous nation. 


Marco Rubio
United States Senator
Tags: Путин, Тупые америкосы, демократия, кровавый Госдеп, русофобия

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