Mark Ostromogilsky (marko19511) wrote,
Mark Ostromogilsky


Да простят меня мои русскоязычные френды. Не смог удержаться!

Every time lately I watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNBC, etc, etc, etc, I hear “Limbaugh, Limbaugh, Limbaugh!”…

What’s wrong with you, people? Don’t you understand that every time you mention this name, you bring a couple extra points to HIS ratings ? Or all you care is to gain a couple extra points to YOUR ratings?

Do you really want to promote a drug junky before the American audience? Is that your goal? Is that your goal to make a few extra dollars for yourself, or you’re really caring for your country?

Can’t you do what I’ve done many years ago? Just don’t facking listen to him! Or if you have to listen to his verbal diarrhea, just kip it to yourself! Please, do not bring this brain dead drug addict to the American public!

Don’t you understand that hi’s just a jester who is desperately in need for the audience, and he takes no responsibility for what ever lies he says?

And you, because of your greed, make sure he gets his audience. Just do what I do. Just ignore the MF! Thus you’re going to bring a great service to our country.

Which you claim, you love.



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